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Edited 2/2020


2020 South Sound Youth Lacrosse League (SSYL) – Game Information Sheet

(These must be posted at the game table during all games)

SSYL SANCTIONED GAME - All SSYL sanctioned games will have at least 1 Referee from WALOA.  Referees MUST sign the Home scorebook to have a record for payment.


EMERGENCIES- Properly stocked first aid kit, emergency contact list for all players, cell phone on the sidelines for emergencies and the address of the location are required to have present at each game.



      Must be staffed by 3 Adults from the Home team and 2 Adults from the Away Team.  No extra people are allowed.

      Bench Staff is part of Officiating Crew and is a neutral party. No openly cheering, celebrating, or giving commentary, etc.



         Team Picture Roster must be in team score book.

         Swing Player allowed - 7/8 and 5/6 if less than 13 players, no more than 13 total players for the game.  3/4 if less than 10 players, no more than 10 total players for the game.

         Playing down a grade is not allowed.

         Notify other Coach and Scorer’s Table if Swing Players used.



      Is responsible to make sure they do not have the same colored jerseys. 

      Will provide good quality game-balls & end-line/side-line balls.



         Responsible for conduct of their own coaches, players and spectators. Only 4 coaches allowed in the bench area during a game. Only the head coach will address the referees.

         Responsible to provide a Field Manager that is easily identifiable to monitor and assist with conduct of spectators. 

         Parents/spectators sit on the opposite side of bench.


GAME LENGTH 5/6 AND 7/8 - Four 10-min stop clock quarters, 2 stop clock timeouts are permitted per half, 5 min halftime.

         Overtime – 4-minute stop clock sudden victory overtime. A second overtime used if still tied.  After two overtimes, if agreed and time allows, additional overtimes can be used. One (1) stop clock timeout per overtime.


GAME LENGTH 3/4 - Four 8-min stop clock quarters, 1 stop clock timeout is permitted per half, 5 min halftime.

         Overtime - 4-minute running clock sudden victory overtime. A second overtime used if still tied.  After two overtimes, if agreed and time allows, additional overtimes can be used. One (1) stop clock timeout per overtime.


PLAYING RULES – US Lacrosse 10U, 12U, 14U rules with the following exceptions and clarifications: 

         All age divisions will serve time in penalty box with and play Man-down. Referees will use Slow Whistle technique 

         If a player receives 3 personal fouls or 5 minutes of personal foul time, they are disqualified from the current game.

         Body checking is permitted at 7/8 grade ONLY, no take-out checks.  No body checking permitted at 3/4 and 5/6 level. 

         No 1-handed stick checks allowed.

         Goalies will wear appropriate chest protection designed for goalies and throat protection

         At 7/8 & 5/6 when clearing the 20 second midfield limit and 10 seconds touch of the box limit are enforced.

         At 7/8 & 5/6 the team in lead must keep position in box last 2 Minutes of game. Offensive Stalling also may be enforced.

         3/4 will play US Lacrosse U10, 7 vs. 7, 60yd x 35yd field, sticks must be between 37 to 42 inches, no Long Sticks are allowed. 

         Mercy Rule – When a 5-point lead, trailing team given the ball in lieu of a face-off - unless waived by coach of trailing team. 



      Any player or coach using derogatory language or taunts, a player, coach, or referee will receive a warning: Referee may enforce a Warning and up to and including expulsion from the game which include expulsion from the following game.  

      Ejection of a player, coach, or spectator by an Official or Field Manager will expel them from the next scheduled game as well.


REMINDER – Email to southsoundlacrosse@gmail.com the final score, any referee no show or other issues.

Edited 2/2020


Additional 3/4 7v7 - SSYL - Game Information Sheet


Field Size - 60 x 35yds - 6'x6' goals - 9' crease radius. Goal line is 10yds from the end line. Substitution box is 16 yds wide.



       Field players - lacrosse helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, intra-oral mouth protector, and athletic cup

       Goalie - helmet, gloves, intra-oral mouth protector, athletic cup, a throat protector, chest protector designed for goalies

       Sticks - no long sticks allowed - field player sticks must be between 37" and 42" in length - goalie stick 40" and 60"


Number of Players - 7v7 - 1 goalie, 2 defenders, 2 midfielders, 2 attack - must have a minimum of 5 players on the field to start or continue a game.


Coaches - Not permitted on the field - must stay in the coach's box - coach's box is the end of substitution box to goal line extended. Only 4 coaches are allowed in the bench area during a game. Only the head coach will address the referees.


Face Off Position and Penalties

       One midfielder at the center X to take the face off - the second midfielder is out of bounds on the player sideline between the substitution cones with the side line acting as the wing line - defenders are located behind their GLE -  attack are located behind the oppositions GLE - goalie is confined to the crease.  

       At the whistle, the wing midfielders are released - All other players are confined to their areas until possession of the ball is called by the Referee, ball goes out of bounds, the ball crosses the goal line extended or a whistle stops play.

       After possession of the ball off a face off, offensive team MUST attempt 2 passes prior to shooting on goal. If less than 2 pass it is a Technical Foul, and a change of possession from the spot the shot was taken from on the field.  If there is a face off violation, penalty or procedure call that creates a dead ball, the referees will give the ball to the offense (follow restart rules) and possession is granted, releasing the defenders from GLE, the 2 pass rule is not required.  If the face off continues and possession is gained from the face off then the two pass rule is in force.

       Players will serve penalties: 1 Man Down, no wing midfielder allowed, 2 Man Down, no midfielders, a defender can take the face off, but must stay onside. 



       Technical Foul - change of position

       More than 4 players in the offensive half of the field including players in the penalty box.

       More than 5 players in the defensive half of the field including players in the penalty box.


Body Contact Allowed - NO BODY CHECKS - Legal to push with like pressure when within 3 yds of the ball - Incidental Contact


Stick Checks Allowed - Only stick checks permitted are lift checks, poke checks, and downward stick checks - checks are to sticks and gloves ONLY and on a check, the head of the stick cannot come above the shoulders of the player.


Substitutions - Same as 5/6 and 7/8 - on the fly, at a dead ball - do not need to substitute the whole team at once.


Restarts - Ball will start from the nearest spot from where play was stopped.  If that point is within 15yds of the goal, the ball will be placed laterally five yards from the nearest sideline since there is no offensive box to start outside of on the field.


Scrum Situations - If a loose ball is not pick up quickly and there are two or more players in the "scrum", or “stuck ball" the official can/may stop play and award the ball to a team using the Alternating Possession Rules.