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South Sound Youth Lacrosse Association (SSYL)

Field Marshall Program

Goal – To help ensure a safe and good sportsman-like environment that exemplifies the “Honor the Game” slogan and to improve SSYL in alignment with Code of Conduct.

Objective – To monitor, marshal and report inappropriate behavior including but not limited to; derogatory language, taunting, any form of Referee intimidation, swearing, excessive yelling (as opposed to rooting), and/or aggressive behavior towards others.


·      Marshal must be a player’s parent from each team.

·      Attend the pre-game meeting to get Florescent Vest and meet other Marshal.

·      Meet Score Table and Referees Staff

·      Discuss how to work with Referees.

·      Work with the Home Team Coach to put out End-line Balls out before, during and after the game. 

·      Only certified coaches, players, referees, and the table staff on Bench-side.

·      Ask spectators to move to opposite side of the Bench – unless a separate fenced area.

·      Ensure parent chairs and other objects are at least 3 yards off the field side line.

·      Marshalls are to stand at opposite ends of the sideline.

·      Warn parents, fans or anyone spectator of inappropriate behavior by referring to Code of Conduct.

·      Notify Referee after giving a 2nd Warning to someone;

o   ONLY DURING A DEAD-BALL – i.e. after a whistle, during penalties, time outs, half time, etc.

·      After game is over return vest and help Score Table work team if needed.